Welcome to the Siegel Institute for Leadership, Ethics & Character!  Founded in 2000, the Institute’s goal is to promote scholarship and teaching in the areas of leadership and ethics throughout the KSU campus community and beyond.  We offer opportunities for those interested in leadership and ethics through our Visiting Scholar programs and invite other researchers to consider collaborating on projects with us.  Our programming consists of both internally and externally focused workshops, grants, conferences, and book and film discussions that introduce interested parties to important work being done related to ethics.  The Institute’s Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Ethics is a 15-hour graduate study program designed to prepare students for ethical leadership in a variety of ways. We also offer topical research opportunities through our Siegel Institute Ethics Research Scholar program.  These are groups of faculty, undergraduates, and graduates who study a different ethical issue each semester.  

I hope that you will take a moment to learn more about the Siegel Institute.  Our newly designed website highlights the Institute’s professional development, research, and resources in leadership and ethics, as well as opportunities to support and partner with us.   Please contact us for more information.

Visiting Scholars

  • Trokon Redem McGee

    Trokon Redem McGee is a Liberian development practitioner, sociologist, economist, political scientist, and educator.

    Trokon serves as Program Support Officer for Concern Worldwide. As Program Support Officer, he develops and promotes a culture of accountability and expands approaches for the prevention of exploitations and abuses, gender and equality through trainings and other program activities. Trokon is an expert in gender sensitive approaches in development and emergency contexts and has developed skills in project planning and management, training and advocacy.

    Trokon served on the technical team representing Concern Worldwide at the Ministry of Education that developed the first Code of Conduct for Teachers and School Administrators in Liberia, 2014. In 2013/2014, he chaired the Education NGO Forum in Liberia representing Concern Worldwide. Trokon has an extensive experience in the development cycle as such has worked in the areas of child protection, youth development, education, health, livelihoods, gender equality and women empowerment.

    Trokon strongly believes in community service. In October 2016, he was elected as Secretary General for his community, (Chugbor Community) for two years (2017 – 2018). This post is purely voluntary and as such, there is no salary or honorarium. Prior to his ascendency to the post of Secretary General, he worked with various groups in the community and has spoken on many public functions as guest and motivational speaker. 

    Trokon received a master’s degree in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid from Kalu Institute/ Humanitarian Studies Aid Centre in Spain, another maters in International Relations from the University of Liberia and a Bachelors of Arts degree in Sociology with Economics from the University of Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia.

    He is an IREX Community Solutions Fellow focusing on Women and Gender Issues at the Kennesaw State University Siegel Institute for Leadership, Ethics and Character, Kennesaw, Georgia.


    • Joseph Agyina

      Having been in the class room to educate students on the abstract nature of women and gender issue and social research in Ghana, Joseph also focuses on practical issues relating to gender, through educating both men and women in his community on the issue of gender equality and the importance of formal education to a family. During his fellowship at the Siegel Institute at Kennesaw State University in Georgia, Joseph hopes to develop his leadership, communication, research and ethical skills, learn new strategies and gain first-hands-on experience with projects related to female empowerment. Upon returning home from his fellowship, Joseph plans to educate both youth and adult about the relevance of tolerance in nation building, emphasizing the importance of women’s education and empowerment as a tool national development.


      After more than 20 years of facilitating leadership and organizational strategy for private and public institutions, I felt the need to explore ethics and leadership at a deeper level. The leaders I work with face competing goals, scarce resources, and difficult choices that require them to be skilled in ethical decision-making. It only takes a glance at the news headlines to see the need for highly ethical leaders. Fortunately, a colleague recommended the Siegel Institute, a treasure at my own university.

      The Siegel Institute’s Exclusive Certificate Program’s combination of on-line and hybrid courses allowed me to pursue studies without interruption to my duties as a university administrator. The experienced professionals and professors teaching the classes made the content current, relevant, and applicable in every class. The directed study option allowed me to research topics directly applicable to my current and future professional interests.

      The curricula provided the additional skills and knowledge I sought, and allowed me to apply the learning to my own training, consulting and coaching practices for the immediate benefit of my clients. It has also instilled in me an interest to continue learning more about how ethics intersect with effective leadership. I recommend this program to aspiring and experienced leaders in any professional arena.

      Kevin D. Gecowets – Director

      The Center for University Learning

      Kennesaw State University