Course Descriptions


ILEC 8800, Foundations of Ethics is an ONLINE course that provides students a foundational understanding of ethics, and teaches the students how to rigorously apply the tools of logic and ethical theory to real-world problems. Using four main texts and a series of supplemental readings, students will gain experience in thinking and writing critically about ethics in both abstract and applied contexts. The course begins with an examination of the major ethical theories in Western analytical moral philosophy (consequence-based ethics, rule-based ethics, virtue-based ethics), and gives the student the opportunity to look at specific ethical dilemmas through different theoretical lenses. The course then gives the student an opportunity to contextualize ethical theories within the socio-political culture of a community and then apply ethical theory to specific issues in politics, business, and technology.
ILEC 8810, Foundations of Leadership is an ONLINE course designed for students in all disciplines of study. It will help you understand your leadership style relative to established and emerging leadership theory. This knowledge will not only give you better insight to your own abilities, but it will enhance your leadership effectiveness. The emphasis on real-world case studies takes the philosophical theory into the applicable realm, making it useful for all future careers.

ILEC 8850, Ethical Leadership in a Global Context is an ONLINE course that focuses on the challenges of practicing ethically sound leadership in a diverse world.  Students will emerge from this course with a greater understanding of self, others, and the global environment by learning to understand and work with other cultural values, major world religions, and operative moral codes. 

ILEC 8850

ILEC 8900 (COM 6670), Special Topics: Crisis Leadership Communication. HYBRID Leaders need communication skills and requisite knowledge to guide organizations through the tumultuous crises of the future. This course addresses numerous content areas, including: factors involved in decision-making under pressure; training and organizational skills in crisis management communication as a core competency; and leading in local and transboundary crises through an integrated approach for organizations with different decision-making structures, different resource commitments to crisis preparations and response, and different communication and cultural strategies.

ILEC 8910, Technology and Ethics is an ONLINE course that examines the ethical impact of changes in technology on business and society in the area of medicine, scientific research, information technology, the environment, and other cutting edge technologies. By using current hot topic issues in the ever evolving world of technology, this course keeps you on top of the news and provides new ways to view and debate the issues at hand. 

Technology and Ethics

ILEC 8920, Current Issues in Leadership and Ethics is a leadership development course that is designed to enhance the personal and professional growth of future professionals in all disciplines.  Students will enhance their leadership skills in the areas of team building, decision-making, and community awareness.  The course includes dynamic speakers, meetings with top organizations, and experiential activities that focus on developing ethical leadership abilities.  

  Women in Leadership

ILEC 8930, Leadership and Ethics Abroad is a course that focuses on a human paradigm of leadership – the ability to connect with people you work with, to create an ethical culture in the workplace, and to engage and motivate employees appealing to their strengths and passions.  It will answer questions such as ‘How do you get beyond solving problems to creating possibilities?,’ ‘How does one deal with conflict within an international organization?’ and ‘How can a leader generate true commitment vs. weak compliance?’

ILEC 8940, Directed Study in Leadership and Ethics. Do you have a specific leadership or ethics topic you would like to study in more depth? The directed study option allows you to study a specific issue that sparks your interest in more depth than the formal course options. The course will focus on combining a student's ability to use critical thinking, knowledge, and the collaborative skills of leadership and ethics to develop and implement a project designed to promote ethical leadership in selected local and global communities. This course is only open for students who have completed both ILEC 8800 and ILEC 8810. Interested in learning more about a directed study? Email Siegel Institute Executive Director, Linda Johnston at

ILEC 8950, Human Rights: The Roles of Law and Ethics. This is an on-line course geared toward understanding basic human rights and the roles law and ethics play in issues around the globe. 

Human Rights Course Flyer

ILEC 8980, Leading and Shaping an Ethical Culture is an online course designed for students in all disciplines of study. This course will focus on assessing and building an ethical culture within an organization or community.  Instruction includes methods for measuring the ethical culture of an organization or community and diagnosing problems; risk analysis; best practices in compliance and ethics; how to recognize, analyze, and address ethical issues; and the study of the related legal implications.