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The Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Ethics is a 15-hour graduate study program designed to prepare students for ethical leadership in a variety of ways. It offers a unique opportunity for graduate students to explore the interface and interdependence of leadership and ethics.

This program develops ethically sound leaders who embrace a global perspective, develop people and teams, steward societal resources, understand organizational strategy, and lead with integrity.

The program includes rich learning experiences for students who, upon completion of the program, will demonstrate an increasing capacity to:

  1. Develop a team approach to problem solving

  2. Create and sustain an ethical culture through collaborative processes

  3. Provide human resource development opportunities in a global context

  4. Demonstrate leadership, decision-making, and change management skills

  5. Improve the quality of ethical leadership through application of strong theoretical and practice foundations

This unique academic certificate is available in three options:

Option #1A The Partner Certificate. Seventeen academic areas at Kennesaw State University collaborate as partners with the Siegel Institute for the Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Ethics. By doing the partner format, specific coursework in your chosen Master's or Doctoral degree can be applied to the Graduate Certificate. To complete the partner Certificate in Leadership and Ethics, you take a total of fifteen credit hours of designated courses: six hours in specified courses from your Master's or Doctoral progam and nine hours of ILEC couses.

Option #1B The Modified Partner Certificate for students who have already completed one of the fifteen partner master's programs and want to add the Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Ethics to their official transcript

Option #2 The Exclusive Certificate enables you to enroll in ILEC's graduate level courses at KSU without being enrolled in a Master's or Doctoral degree. You enroll through the KSU Graduate School and register for the ILEC courses required to complete the Graduate Certificate. To complete the Exclusive Certificate, you complete fifteen credit hours of ILEC Leadership and Ethics courses.

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