Current Projects

Sports: Peacebuilding and Ethics

Edited by Dr. Linda M. Johnston, published 2014

Recently released, Sports: Peacebuilding and Ethics, edited by the Siegel Institute's executive director Linda Johnston, shows that sports can be an effective mechanism for peacebuilding, especially when incorporated into conflict-resolution programs. Among the questions explored in the volume are: various aspects of culture and how they can help shape sports programs; the role of a coach in creating a culture of peace, and how this culture can fit into a peacebuilding process. Contributors also examine the role of sports in trauma relief programs in Rwanda; the role of universities in sports; and the role of sports in the demilitarization of child soldiers as well as tackle some of the legitimate concerns raised about using sports for peacebuilding.

Book Summary:

Female Bullying

Much needed research has been done on bullying and many advances have been made in bullying prevention.  One area that is still lacking is research on female-on-female bullying.  While there are many books available in the popular press, little real research has been done.  The purpose of this research project is to examine the long term effects of female-on-female bullying.  Do women make different career decisions based on prior bullying decisions?  How do women feel about female bosses after they have been bullied in the workplace?  How is female bullying different from male bullying and why?  What can women do to protect themselves from bullying? 

Women in Sports

This research is a collaboration across disciplines.  Joining the knowledge and experience of anthropology, coaching, and leadership and ethics, these scholars are looking for the reasons behind women quitting playing sports.  Female college athletes were interviewed about their athletic careers and their responses will help formulate policies and practices which will: 1)help understand why women drop out of sports, 2)help coaches know how to recruit, encourage, and retain female athletes, and 3)understand what needs to be done to maintain female athlete’s participation in sports during and after their college careers.