Fall 2017 Cohort - The Ethics of Housing

  • Sharonjeet Kaur

    Sharonjeet Kaur

    Sharonjeet Kaur, a biochemistry major, is the secretary of undergraduate research club at Kennesaw State University. Under the umbrella of Ethics of Housing, Sharonjeet will be studying the effects that housing can have on one's health. She was the head researcher for the "Health Behaviors in College Students" study conducted by Undergraduate Research Club, and her group's research was accepted for presentation at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research in 2017. Sharonjeet is interested in public health research, aspires to become a physician, and is very involved in bettering the health of her community.

    • Valerie Smith

      Valerie Smith

      Valerie Smith is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Professional Writing with a concentration in Creative Writing at Kennesaw State University where she is a Graduate Teaching Assistant of first-year composition. She is currently in her second internship with the Georgia Writer’s Association and serving as a Graduate Assistant with the KSU Writing Center.

       Valerie is a creative writer, and her poems have most recently appeared in Exit 271: Your Georgia Writers Resource and BlazeVOX15. She has been selected to read her poetry at the Decatur Book Festival and KSU’s Symposium of Student Scholars. She also lectured on critical communication for the 2017 Metro-Atlanta Collegiate Leadership Summit. Understanding that research is invaluable to her creativity, she plans to contribute to the research into the Ethics of Housing, particularly regentrification due to sports entertainment venues in the Atlanta area.

      • Camila Hellebuyck

        Camila Hellebuyck

        Camila is a full-time student entering her last year of the 5-year Architecture Program at Kennesaw State University, who recently received two Architecture scholarships and maintained the HOPE scholarship for four years. Growing up in Bogota, Colombia, she was exposed to a culture that constantly fights to overcome any obstacle, this has made her a hard working woman that seeks any opportunity that will allow her to develop her professional career and succeed as an Architect in the future.

        During her time at KSU, she has been involved with school organizations and has been elected by her peers to take a variety of leadership positions. As a member of the Alpha Rho Chi fraternity and the Atlanta Institute of Architecture Students, she has been the 3rd year Student’s Representative, Graphics Co-chair and current Professional Chair as well as event coordinator for both organizations and the rest of the department.  Camila recognizes that experience is the best way of learning, and for this reason she landed her first architecture internship with only two years of school completed and since then has interned for three consecutive summers. During her downtime, Camila loves to hike and travel.

        One day, she dreams of becoming an Architect that doesn’t only design buildings to fill up lots in a city, but spaces that truly reflect the culture and needs of the people; most importantly, she wishes to one day be part of the current development and growth Colombia is undertaking.

        • Zoё Cesar

          Zoё Cesar is a senior Computer Science major at Kennesaw State. She plans on graduating in the spring. While in her undergraduate year, Zoё has participated in the Honors College and the Symposium of Student Scholars. After graduation, Zoё plans on working with new technologies, such as Virtual Reality, and applying to graduate school for Computer Graphics. Her plans for the Cohort are to explore the problems with smart homes and their effect on society.

          • Helen Smith

            Helen Smith

            Helen is a junior at KSU pursuing a Bachelors in Political Science and minoring in Philosophy. Helen is a HOPE scholar and Odyssey Peer Mentor. She is also Secretary General of KSUs Model United Nations team and has attended several conferences, including one in Bucharest, Romania, representing KSU. She also works at KSUs Career Center, assisting in the many services available to students, teachers, and alumni. After graduation, Helen plans on attending law school, and pursuing a path towards becoming a federal judge. During her time with the cohort, Helen plans on researching the ethical dilemma between housing the poor population of the world, and the commercial drive in the housing market.

            • Dakota Lewis

              Dakota Lewis

              Upon graduating from Jones County High School in 2011, Dakota began a work study opportunity with Macon architecture and planning firm, BTBB Inc. While learning about the practice of architecture in the heart of historic downtown Macon, Dakota was inspired to speak at the 2012 TEDx Macon conference about the potential for historic restoration and adaptive reuse projects to revitalize local communities. Dakota is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Architecture at Kennesaw State University. As he begins his final year of undergraduate study, he is fascinated by the prediction that by the year 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in urban environments. Throughout the development of his undergraduate thesis, Dakota will study urbanization trends within the U.S. in hopes of opening a dialogue about what the future holds for communities in rural America.

              • Aracely Garcia

                Aracely Garcia

                Aracely, a first-generation college student, is pursuing her bachelors in biology with a concentration in pre-med. She is currently working as a pharmacy technician at a behavioral health hospital and as a clinical research coordinator at an eye care clinic. Aracely aspires to become a surgeon and hopes to be a part of Doctors Without Borders. The adversities she has had to face throughout her life drive her passion to help people that receive little to no help because of their socioeconomic status, identity, or other reasons out of their control.

                During her time at KSU Aracely has received the Pride Leadership award for her extraordinary service and outstanding leadership in the LGBTQ community, the Who’s Who of American Colleges and Universities for her academic achievements and contributions to her community, and was also awarded the Safe Space Endowed Scholarship for her work in enhancing the lives of LGBTQ individuals on and off campus. In her final year at Kennesaw State University, she is serving her second year as the president of the Kennesaw Pride Alliance and is also the Senator for the American Minorities in the Student Government Association. Aracely is also the co-founder and former president of QSTEM, and has served on the Student Activities Budget Advisory Committee.  As part of the Fall 2017 SIERS cohort, Aracely is interested in studying the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on brain development, and if people residing in rural or urban areas are more likely than the other to experience ACEs