Siegel Institute Ethics Research Scholars

Each calendar year the Siegel Institute for Leadership, Ethics and Character will accept a select number of students and faculty to take part in the annual ethics research scholars program. The year's topic will correspond with the scholar's research goals, as well as a course offered by the Siegel Institute, related book club, and other programs throughout the year. 

SIERS Journal


Fall 2017 Cohort - The Ethics of Housing 

Spring 2017  Cohort - The Ethics of Food and Eating

Food is a simple necessity that all living things rely on in some way or another. As humans we have come a long way in food production, and what technology and science will feed us in the future is a question we all have. The ethics of food can be broken down into many concerns that currently exist, as well as those that could exist in the future. Food production, transportation, distribution, availability, and this list goes on.

Fall 2016 Cohort - The Ethics of Physical Embodiment

When speaking of our physical embodiment, many qualities, attributes, and representations come to mind. The Fall 2016 Cohort will be open to researching issues related, but not limited to, issues of masculinity, femininity, ageism, skin color, gender, sizeism, ableism, media representation, and the list goes on. Applicants are encouraged to propose topics that could fall under this umbrella theme of The Ethics of Physical Embodiment. 

Spring 2016 Cohort - The Ethics of Clothing

Clothing is one of the few necessities in life; functioning as both protector from the elements, as well as a shield of modesty. Although it takes little to meet these basic needs, the fashion industry takes clothing from a necessity, to a desire. With the ever-growing clothing industry, companies have a longing to keep purchase price low and meet high fashion demands, driving production into various developing nations across the globe. The combination of low wage workers, sweatshop environments, and lacking quality leaves many unanswered ethical questions. This year’s Siegel Institute Ethics Research Scholars will work to analyze the forces pushing ethical decision making and purchasing choices.